Globe trotter


Our Globe Trotter trailer was aerodynamically designed to fit perfectly with the style of your motorcycle. In addition, our line of fenders and covers will enable you to personalize your trailer. Allow yourself to be tempted by the luggage rack and fender trim rail sold as options for a cool look!


  • Globe Trotter : 3 345 $

  • Luggage rack : 290 $

  • Fender trim rail : 190 $

  • Motorcycle hitch: starting at 325 $ + installation + wiring

  • Spare tire: 95 $ (+ 4,50 $ for recycling)

More available options
  • Paint

  • Luggage rack and fender trim rail in matt black or gloss black

  • Black nickel turn signal

Prices are subject to change without notice



Fiberglass case / Round or odometer-style cover / Short or long fender/Colour: black / Inner lining / Key lock / Red LED taillight / LED marker lights / Chrome turn signals/License plate light / Rubber suspension/Safety chain / Spring stand /Handle / Tire: 4.00-8C / Now delivered with gloss black rim

Recommended tire pressure: 241 kPa, 35psi.
To prevent the trailer from bouncing and causing uneven tire wear, even when fully loaded, do not exceed 275 kPa, 40 psi.

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