Since 2003, Armoric Design has been offering a unique variety of one-wheel trailers to accompany you on your motorcycle trips. Isabelle and Jean-Yves, also motorcycle trip enthusiasts, are the new owners of Armoric Design. Their goal is to offer you exceptional trailers that contribute to the evolution of single-wheel trailers.

The single-wheel trailers created by Armoric Design are both spacious (for carrying your luggage) and user friendly (for storing or parking) for your motorcycle trips. In fact, our trailers can easily carry complete camping equipment for at least two people. If you prefer staying in motels, you can easily pass them through a standard doorway. Imagine: you will never have to constantly carry your bags from your motorcycle to your room!

It is an interesting fact that the name Armoric Design was chosen by the founder of the company, who is originally from Brittany, in the region of Armorica, more specifically.

Owners of Armoric Design trailers can be found all over Quebec and Canada and even internationally. For several years now, our Globe Trotter and Globe Sport models have satisfied many motorcycle enthusiasts. Stay up to date on the Web and on social media; several new items are coming soon to Armoric Design!

It will be our pleasure to advise you.

Isabelle and Jean-Yves